move - arrow keys
interact - z
start - enter

Made for the One Game a Month #8 gamejam.
Theme: dead is good.

-Graphical issues with the .gb file. Play in your browser for a better experience
- Mom dissapears
- End star won't appear

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsGame Boy, Game Boy ROM, Halloween, Short


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I really felt bad, but it's always best to cope and keep on going. Question, how did the ghost die?

That's for the player to figure out! (the characters hint at it)


I enjoyed playing it. There were some things where I thought I had to do something, like the baby next to the empty seat (if there was something there then oops!!). I played it on my gameboy, very nice time :)


Thank you! (you cant do anything in the school except talking)

Ah alrighty


Assuming that the white "welcome" screen is the end of the game:

It definitely needs a "the end" text or a fade to black and restart to let us know that the game is over.

Thanks for your feedback!


nice game not always clear what you need to do but nice short sweet and neat when you put 1 + 1 together to solve a puzzle like the well one



What should I do? =)

What have you done so far?


Very nice little game, I enjoyed it

Spoilery(?) Question Below







So, I'm assuming the Walt Disney Grave logs the progress and stuff you found?

What are the max values on those

most i got was 




Did I miss something? Cause I tried to be as thorough as possible

Thanks! That's indeed your progress but there were some mistakes that may have blocked you from leaving. Did you go back to the grave?

I did

Then I went through the hallway thingy until i saw the two characters that said Welcome and after that i lost control of the ghost but idk if that was intentional or if it just broke for me or smth

No that's supposed to happen. That is the end of the game


So I saw everything?

Great :D

Looking forward to any future games from you